Direct Order Prices and Procedure
This is the direct order procedure for the U.S mainland and Hawaii
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Liddle Surfboard Single Fin
5'8" to 6ft        $810
6'1" to 6'6"      $820
6'7" to 7'          $830
7'1" to 7'6"      $850
7'7" to 8'          $870
Liddle Surfboard Single Fin with FCS Side Runners
5'8" to 6ft        $850
6'1" to 6'6"      $860
6'7" to 7'          $870
7'1" to 7'6"      $890
7'7" to 8'          $91
Shipping one or two boards to any mainland address
add $125

Direct order procedure

All orders for Liddle surfboards must be paid for in advance before I build the surfboard.
A money order is ideal, a personal check is fine ( check needs to clear before I begin ).
Payment should be sent via Priority mail to insure secure and speedy delivery.
Depending on blanks available for the length of board you order,
orders are completed in three to four weeks.
All boards are shipped via Federal Express “ground” with arrival
in five to seven weekdays from date of shipment depending on your mainland location.
You can place an order with an e-mail which should include:
Your name, your address, Zip code
Phone number with area code
Your height and weight
Add info, circle or underline only what is relevant and or what you know and I will take care of the remainder.
Length of board desired in feet and inches.
Template desired: point break, inbetweener, hawaiikine, M3P, Reef Smoothie or others on website.
Approximate Dimension: Nose Width, Widest Point:,Tail Width.
Tail shape: round tail, round square tail.
Glassing: Standard is 4/6 deck and 6 bottom
Heavier is 6/6 deck and 6 bottom
Finish Coat: Standard is deck and bottom
Any dialog with specific questions, template variations, thickness requests etc.

Click Here for Link to Order Blank

Shipping is $125 for one or two boards to the same address.
Shipping in Hawaii interisland is $50.
Extra single or side fin sets are $50 with a direct order.

If you are interested in placing a direct order
please send an email with info and any questions about the boards.
I will get back to you with procedure and mailing address to send payment.

Click here for information on International orders.

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