International Orders

Here is the procedure for International orders.
All International direct orders must be paid for in full
via an International Postal money order, via Western Union
or a check on a U.S. bank.
Shipping on International orders must be arranged by the customer and all documents forwarded to me so all I have
to do it drop off the carton at the appropriate representative here on island in Lihue, 96766.
Approximate carton dimensions for  a 7ft surfboard are 90" x 25" x 4" with approximate weight of 25 lbs.
Add additional inches to the first dimension for boards longer than 7 ft. and subtract for shorter boards.
Here is a link to "Ship to Anywhere" who arranges shipments worldwide. You can contact them with the
above approximate dimensions for a quote. "Ship to Anywhere" seems to have the best rates from previous
customers experience. They use DHL here on island as their carrier.
Please contact me for specifics for name, address etc.