W. Herron Knees

Wesley Herron Restore?
Early 1970's Kneeboard #947

"Found this board in a garage in the valley. Paid a pretty penny for it. I wanna restore it at Aquatech in Marina Del Rey, but I thought I'd see what you had to say about it first...it's got a bad patch  blob by your logo. Which needs to be cut and redone and the nose looks like it had some work but it's an amazing shape. Can you tell me much about it? Also had a very thick 70's fin with no flex in it. Not sure where the fin came from. I sent in a photo of me early on it's on your site at the bottom of me on your 7'2" smoothie . Just wanna learn more about this board and what to tell the guys at aquatech on how to go about restoring it..."