I had many requests for shorter versions of these designs by those who wanted
to push the limits of the concept. The previous single fin versions in the late sixties and
early seventies were to severe for average condtions: too much "hull"
forward and too large of a fin, glassed on, so not adjustable to tune in the boards.
The new versions have been much more successful with the modified "hull" and the
adjustable fin system. The wide tail demands a deeper flex fin
and or a deeper flex fin with a bit wider base: 9.5N, 9.5W, 10N

These are still extreme templates in my opinion and as with the other plan shapes must
be utilized in the appropriate type of surf. Small point surf with some power is ideal
and because of their shorter length (5'8" to 6'6") they can adapt to other condtions.

6' - 6'6"

5'8" - 6'4"