Super Smoothies and L-Spoon

If you are interested in some of my older
shapes between 8ft and 9ft, you can order them through Kirk Putnam.

Here is Kirk's explanation:
"Greg does not make any boards over 8ft , I scaned 2 of Gregs boards a few years ago,
an 8'7'' Super Smoothie and a 9'2'' L- Spoon. Both these boards were keepers that myself
and a few others had been riding for years . Greg gave me permission to make a few of these.
They all have Liddle logos and if you read it , below the logo it says
"greg liddle surfboard designs".
We never tried to tell anybody that these were shaped by Greg.The first were done by
Brian Hilburs and then it was just as easy to do them with Scott Anderson and not have
to transportblanks all over the place.They are glassed to exact specs like Greg's boards
with same volan fabric and the same resin and the patch over the finbox, I do have
Anderson sand the gloss. I have worked with Brian and Scott to make sure these are
just like Gregs boards and have had great feed back from those who have ordered or
bought one . We do these in small numbers, 2 or 3 at a time . The Super Smoothies are
around 8'2'' to 8' 7'' and the L-Spoon's are from 9'0'' to 9'8''."

"Super Smoothie"

Link to New L Spoon for Matthieu Miller