P. Suprenant Find


Hello Gentlemen...
I was fortunate enough to come across one of Greg's boards on craigslist.
I don't know when its from but its old.
 Its probably about 5'4''....i can't see any serial numbers or anything.
 I picked it up from a young girl in San Clemente...she didn't know anything about it.  
The board is whopped though...pretty thrashed.  
I am in the process of getting it ready for the water again.  
Please let me know if you remember anything or if you recognize it.
Pete Surprenant
any info? send us an email at clarkgliddle72@gmail.com

New Info Submitted 10/15/15 by Mike Grossman
"On your web site the board that is 5'4" blue by Pete Suprenant
belonged to Jeff Edelstein. He surfed mostly at Pitas and Rincon
circa 72-73....rode it well ....smallest board I remember that went we'll!!!! "