Orion Shepherd

The Old and the Newer





Paul Gross may have sent you images of this board when i first got it, been wanting to send some more detailed for your archive as well as actually riding it.  got a few fun small days in Abreojos on it.  very bladed and thin.  i showed it to kirk and he said it probably sat around shaped and then paul glassed it and then it was Tom Cimino's.  it is my favorite board I have gotten of yours!  looks like it was made in October 1984?  my birthday is September 29 1984 so it's just as old as I am.  

was going thru old emails and realized I never sent you the pictures you asked for.  9 years later here are some hopefully you can see of #0354.

I buckled the board at ocean beach in San Francisco many years ago right where your GL signature with the number was.  It's since been repaired and has a custom removable fins unlimited box that fits into the waveset box to ride fiberglass fin in rather than the plastic waveset.  hope you are well!


On Thu, May 20, 2010 Clark G. Liddle
Aloha Orion...thanks for making contact and the photo....will post on 
the website with your permission of course....my records and memory do 
not go back as far as 0354 but must have been 1968 or 69 because it is 
the new logo after the first crude one ....the wave set fin is a 
collectors item ...amazed the board is still in existence...
also....Mahalo....Greg....oh', nice name...my favorite constellation...g