Materials and Construction

Surfboard Blanks

I am currently using US Blanks blanks and
Foam Corp's Arctic Foam


Foam Density
U.S. blanks "green" weight foam
U.S. blanks info here:
Arctic "blue" weight foam
Arctic blank info here:


Stringer material is exact 1/8" bass wood.
All the blanks are glued up with my own custom rocker especially designed for these designs.

Glassing is now done at Aquatech
in Marina Del Rey, California


Fabric is single layer of 6 oz. flat weave volan on bottom
and 6 oz or 4 oz silene warp fabric over 6 oz volan on deck.
Standard is 4 oz silene warp over 6 oz volan deck.
Heavier is 6 oz silene warp
over 6 oz volan deck.

Standard Surfboard Laminating Resin
Finish Coat
All stock boards are finish coated deck and bottom/
Wet sanding
I suggest that the finish coated bottom be wet sanded with #320 or #400 wet/dry sandpaper.
Use water and sand in the same direction as the stringer from nose to tail, tail to nose.
Wet sand the fins and rails too. You will notice that the water will stick to the wet sanded bottom
and feel very different from the finish coated, polished bottom.
To me, the result feels faster, more under control and more conected to the wave.
You can try it on any board. Ride it glossed first, wet sand the bottom and try it again
to feel the difference. The board can be freshened periodically in this way if it starts to feel dead and sluggish.

The fins I use are flexible and adjustable.
They are made from volan fabric which enhances their flex and longevity.
The adjustment is necessary to get the smooth release
from the fin to rail when changing directionand on bottom turns.
The fin position seems to be a bit different for each person so adjustment is an absolute necessity.

The fin channel is marked with notches to use as reference point for fin placement and adjustment.

Fin Boxes
The fin boxes are from Fins Unlimited or Fiberglass Fin Co. They are reinforced with two layers of 4 oz. fiberglass
fabric layered over the top and onto the bottom of the surfboard. This provides a secure and solid base for the fin..
It is essential to adjust the fin for the best feeling and reaction you want from the board.

Leg Rope Insert
All stock boards have a leash plug insert on the deck as close to the tail as possible.

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