Last Go Out

Liddle Surfboards
1968 to 2016

Beginning sometime after October 15, 2016 "Liddle Surfboards"
will be produced via Kirk Putnam and Scott Anderson as

"Liddle Surfboards"

greg liddle surfboard designs

The most popular and representative original hand shapes have been scanned
and will be reproduced using my standard glassing schedule,
fins unlimited fin boxes and flex fins of my design.

The last few boards shaped by me are in production and will be available
at the Mollusk Surf Shops in Venice and Silverlake, CA and the
Mollusk Surf Shop in San Francisco, CA.

The new Liddle surfboards will be available
at the same shops in the near future.

I will no longer be taking any direct orders. You can contact Kirk Putnam
who will be working with Scott Anderson to insure accuracy in the reproduction
of my surfboard designs.