Sean JB Find

Joel Bass was my original glasser in the beginnings in 1968-69.
He was at the time a contemporary artist with a studio in Los Angeles.
Joel would drive to Tarzana to glass every week and
had my Liddle logo drawn up by his friend a graphic designer.
Joel now lives in New York and is a contractor building and remodeling homes in the Long Island area.
Below the photo is his response to finding his old board from that era.

8 ft Joel Bass Liddle
now in the hands of Sean McDonald

"Greg, That 8' is my old board. See the 2" wide line stains toward the tail
that was my anti-shark board.I had heard that blk and wht
sea snakes repelled sharks so I painted the board.
It was a great board and I don't know how it moved on.
That board was my best board at that time as we all
mainly rode "old joe's" with Steve etc.
That board worked great at Rincon also.
Great memories for an old man.