This outline is still a down the line design but can adapt to a variety of beach and reef breaks. It has the same trim speed in a straight line as the very full outlined point break design but with a shorter turning radius. The wide point is moved back and more curve is added to the plan shape to free up the outline making direction changes and turning back more accessible.

It is easier to ride in many conditions and can be ridden as a single fin ( usually with a larger center fin ) or with a smaller single fin and the side runners.

This design good starting point to get the feel of the smooth planing modified displacement hull. The outline enables an easier transition from the flat bottom, banana rocker, curvy outline designs and the pivot, squirt and run style of surfing.

The point is that you should be able to just launch the board, stand in trim position and the board should plane out at trim speed without any added impetus or gyrations on your part. That is the beauty of the design.

The smaller the board the more wave energy it takes to make it plane out. If you ride weaker waves you might want to go with a longer version to make planing efficient.