Hawaiikine Planshape

To adapt to Hawaiian wave conditions and still ride the same style of boards with the same feeling, I had to make some design adjustments. By Hawaiian waves I don't mean large Hawaiian waves but rather small Hawaiian waves from knee high to 3-5 feet overhead. I attempted to ride my previous 7' x 22" California board on a moderate day of overhead Hawaiian surf and the board hydroplaned out of control.

To accommodate the increased wave power in Hawaii, I had to make the California designs less efficient. I made the outlines narrower and added more curve. I added length for paddling ability, nose rocker for wind resistance and later takeoffs and added volume for more buoyancy and paddling ability.

The designs changes adapted the "modified hull" concept to small to medium size Hawaiian surf. This design worked well in California on similiar sized surf by adding an inch or inche and half to the overall width.

In small, weak waves the longer lengths will trim along easily and yet be adaptable to larger surf where maneuvering is not a major concern. I have a 7'10" that I use in larger waves and in very small waves where a long board would work. I weigh 155 lbs and use a 7'8" @ 21" wide in Hawaiian surf from knee high to 3-4 feet overhead.