Flex Fins
I cannot emphasize enough the importance of using a flex fin on these designs. The flex allows the board to maneuver smoothly and release the board onto its rail smoothly during a down the line bottom turn. A rigid fin will not provide this smooth transition and will pivot with no forward acceleration.

          ffco flex fin
    Fibre Glas Fin Co. G.L. Flex Fin

It is essential that the center fin have this particular type of flex, not a soft bending over flex, but a high tension flex that bends concave and gradually into the base of the fin. It lets power on and off evenly and smoothly resulting in a high speed and flowing style of surfing.
All the designs come with a single flex fin. . They are made with volan fabric, sanded smooth with no finish coat. Flex fins should be maintained by sanding out any small dings which can cause delamination and further breakage.
My flex fins are made by Larry Allison at Fibre Glas Fin Company using my template and specs. The Fibre Glas Fin Company fins are foiled so that they provide the  "concave" flex as shown in the photo above.

To purchase Flex Fins please contact Larry Allison directly:

(310) 530-1288
and or
Kirk Putnam

also try Mollusk Surf Shop


Available depths: 8.5N, 9.0N, 9.5N, 10.0 N and 8.5 W, 9.0 W, 9.5 W

N = Narrow Base and W = Wider Base