B. Heringer HK

Inquiry from Bernhard Heringer in Germany Date: August 12, 2016

Hello Greg Liddle,
I am from Germany and one of your beautiful boards find the way to our country. I am able to buy this board. But actually I can not really read the specs on the bottom of the board. The seller had send me these pics.   I am acutally looking for a midlength  single fin board (which are really rare in Germany to find) when this board crossed my way.   So I am 185cm high and have 95 kg - if a read it correct - your board should be 7,7" (rare size) x 22" x 3  1/10  - is it correct.  Do you think it would fit to my size and weight.   Looking at your board: it is a 2 +1  _ but is expect it will work as well fine as single fin (any recommendation for the fin size and shape for a single fin?!)  Please inform about the size and measurments (difficult to read on the pics, but I expect you can do)  Last but not least - it is a Smoothies - but shape looks a bit like m3p? is it correct?  Would be great to get a short feedback.
Many thanks in advance and regards form Cologne Germany
Bernhard Heringer
The board is a 7'7" Hawaiikine, California version being wider than the ones made for Hawaii. Custom ordered with name Ella on the bottom. Can't remember who for, perhaps Kirk Putnam would know or know someone who knows.