V Bottom 1968



1968 "V" Bottom

Original Liddle Logo by Loren Fasmer
Waveset Fin and Fin Channel
A Randy Rarick find
"Hi Greg,
Randy Rarick here.  Don't think we've talked since the early 70's
when I used to work at the old Surf Line Hawaii shop!  If my memory even serves me right!
Anyway, thought you'd get a chuckle out of the attached.
 Friend of mine bought this and brought it to me for a full restoration.  
I talked him out of that and just said, "let's fix all the dings, seal it up so it's water tight and gloss and polish it and just ride it!"  
I had an old Greenough Stage III fin and figured it was appropriate.  
Anyway we've been having fun with it at Sunset Point and it's definitely a throw back.
 Got your signature and # 060-A on the bottom and a 6-15-68 date on the tail.  
Don't know if you remember it, but we resurrected it from the dead!"
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